If you have considered installing new windows in your home you may have come across one type of window that is on the market called “low-E windows”. A first look at these windows may seem like buying or installing them is a “no-brainer”, but the advantages aren’t the only thing to consider while looking at low-E windows.

The term ‘low-E’ comes from the type of glass used in the windows which is low-emissivity glass. This type of window uses an almost invisible metal added to the pane, and the energy savings achieved can be up to 50% when compared to that of the average window. Sounds great right? Certainly an attractive aspect of new windows, but what are the disadvantages to these windows?

Low-E glass works very well, but sometimes the effectiveness of the glass reflecting the rays from the sun actually has been reported to be a hazard in some instances. Due to the reflection of the sun from these windows, the heat emitting from them can become so intense that it can burn or damage a neighboring house or structure that is up to 20 feet away. Vinyl siding has been reported to melt from its heat. Four house fires have been blamed on the reflection of low-E windows. A hotel in Las Vegas reported the reflection from these windows has burned the guests swimming in the nearby pool.

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