Do you typically have to go to a laundromat to wash your clothes, or do you own a washer and dryer? For many households in the United States, a washer and dryer are commonplace. While they seem like relatively simple devices, the fact is that they should be installed by professionals if at all possible. The main reason for this is that when installed improperly, they can cause significant harm.

Take, for example, the simple exhaust vent on the back of your everyday clothes dryer. This unassuming little feat of engineering can cause significant water damage in your home. It can also be responsible for starting a serious house fire. How? Well, the inexperienced installer of a dryer may point the exhaust vent somewhere inside the house, instead of outside, thinking it’s saving work. However, a gallon of water or more is being expelled into the air with every load. On the other hand, if the ductwork of a dryer exhaust has sharp corners, the build-up of lint can catch on fire in a heartbeat.

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