As a homeowner, you want the roof of your home to last as long as possible. For this to happen, proper maintenance is a must. Here is a checklist of things you should take care of:
Debris should be cleared away. – Of course, leaving branches, leaves, or other objects on the roof will keep moisture from draining properly. Drainage is one of the most important things to a roof. Keep debris to a minimum by trimming back the trees near your home. This helps keep your roof clean.

Clean your gutters each year. – The gutters help remove water and debris and flushes it down the downspout. Unfortunately, leaves and debris can build up in the gutter over time. Cleaning the gutter regularly helps keep the water flowing.

A damage assessment is essential. – You can check the metal hardware, tiles, or shingles of your roof to make sure everything looks ok. Typically, exterior damage can be spotted if you do a regular inspection of your house. A word of caution though – Don’t get up on your roof or climb a ladder unless you know what you are doing and can do so safely.

Get a roof inspection – To keep the roof in good condition, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to check on it once every few years. A professional roof inspector will know how to identify leaks likely to develop in the roof and what to do about them.

Inspect the interior below the roof. – Look in your attic for signs of water intrusion such as stains. Many leaks are not noticeable from a roof, so check your ceiling for signs of damage.

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