If your home has a chimney, it’s important that it gets checked out for proper operation. The damper, firebox, and flue should be checked for defects or wear. If issues are found, we recommend contacting a professional chimney sweep for further inspection. It’s important to keep your fireplace and chimney in good shape all year long.

For safety
Cleaning a fireplace doesn’t only remove ash buildup; it’s also important for preventing fires in the home. The National Fire Protection Association reports that neglecting to clean a chimney is one of the leading reasons for home fires. Professional cleaning throughout the year is necessary to maintain proper functionality. This is done annually via inspection by a professional, who will clean the chimney, check all systems, and make any necessary repairs.
A professional chimney sweep should inspect the firebox, flue, smoke chamber, and liner as part of a correctly performed cleaning. They may also need to inspect the exterior of the chimney and any appliances that are connected to it.

To extend Its lifespan
Taking care of your fireplace doesn’t just keep it clean, but also prevents unnecessary repair costs. You can skip many expenses by maintaining proper firewood, cleaning out ashes, and having the damper open when having a fire. By performing these simple tasks, you can prevent bigger expenses down the road.

To ensure it functions
During the colder months of the year, not having your fireplace ready to use can make for a frustratingly cold indoor environment. People who use their fireplace frequently should have it cleaned one to two times per year.

In preparation for an emergency, you should maintain a stack of dry, cut wood nearby. Without power or running gas, your home won’t stay warm.

Taking the above steps can improve the experience of having a fireplace, and it will make it safer as well. Also, sweeping the ash out of the fire after every use prevents buildup. However, make sure you wait until everything is cool before cleaning it out to minimize the risk of burns.

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