Major curb appeal can come from your green and healthy lawn. Like most homeowners, you might encounter the typical lawn care issues every day. Regardless of where you are located, you can apply these lawn care tips to keep your landscaping always looking good:

  • Damage caused by weed killers
    • Keep in mind that one of the causes of bald spots in your lawn is weed killers. The stronger ones are labeled “non-selective” and they will kill your grass as well as weeds. To save damaged grass, clear the affected ones and loosen the soil. Allow sunlight to get through by mowing less than an inch around the bald spots. Add fertilizer, topsoil, and compost to strengthen the foundation. Cover the scattered seeds with hay or burlap to keep birds from getting to them. Don’t forget to water them at least three times a day for two weeks.
  • Areas With High-Traffic
    • During warmer months, your lawn experiences the most traffic during family gatherings where kids and adults are all spending time in your backyard. You should give attention to any signs of damage to your lawn and try to keep people away from those areas.
  • Bald spots
    • It’s not a good view to see bald spots on your lawn. Before you treat the issues, you have to know what caused the bald spots, whether it is high human and pet traffic, fungus, or chemicals. After discovering the cause of bald spots, you can now create a plan on how to fix them and prevent reoccurrence.
  • Lawn rust
    • A disease called Pucciniales where a fungus turns the grass blades into rusty color can damage your grass. If your lawn is experiencing lawn rust, it is nitrogen deficient. To take care of this issue, you should just apply a fertilizer rich in nitrogen, aerate the grass and frequently water your yard.
  • Grub problems
    • If your lawn feels spongy and you see white larvae when you dig into it, you have a problem with grubs. The best way to deal with them is to use products that kill grubs before they hatch. In case the infestation of grubs is too serious, you might need to call a lawn care specialist.
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