A lot of our indoor and outdoor projects require the use of a ladder. You use it when changing light bulbs, clearing leaves from the gutters, re-painting, cleaning windows, and more. Since some homeowners use a ladder quite often, it is important to give attention to ladder safety when using them, especially at home. Here are three safety precautions when using a ladder:

Check Your Ladder -Carefully inspect your ladder and ensure it is free from any dirt buildup that could lead to slips and falls. Ensure that you follow the safety procedures on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Place It On A Stable Spot – You must ensure that your ladder is resting on flat, solid ground to ensure that it will not shake or slide once you step on it. If the ground is soft, put plywood under your ladder to keep it firm and stable. Take note that for every 3 feet of height, you should move your ladder 1 foot away from the wall.

Safety While On It. – After making sure your ladder is ready, it is time to check if the person is all set. Check the weather, do not work using a ladder on a windy, snowy, or rainy day. Use non-slip, rubber-soled footwear to prevent you from slipping while working on the ladder. Always have someone spot you when you are climbing the ladder and have someone hold the ladder if necessary.

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