We all need a safe haven where we can unwind and relax. For most of us, this is our home, but some find it hard to have peace and quiet in their home. Some are dealing with loud neighbors, the noise of the city, rattling pipes, and squeaky floorboards. So, what can be done?

Minimize External Noise

1. Noise Absorption by Covering Surfaces

Consider the use of area rugs to reduce noise. Choosing a rug with a subtle pattern and luxurious texture is an excellent way to up a room’s aesthetic, and at the same time, it will dampen sound.

2. Soundproofing and Accessories

Taking on a full-scale insulation project, while helpful, will require much time and effort. Alternatively, weatherstripping your doors, windows, and walls can help reduce sound in your home. You can also help the situation by using heavy drapes and curtains. These can reduce noise by up to 90%.

3. Practicality Plus Comfort

Furniture can absorb sound, and placing couches and chairs in a specific location can help reduce outdoor noise. Constructing a wall between your living room and the one next door can help reduce the effects of outside noises such as voices, cars, or machinery. Supplying the household with towels, linens, clothing, and books can also help reduce decibels.

Minimize Internal Noise

4. Dividing up your space

If you have a lot of large open areas in your home, this can make it easier for sound to travel through the building. You can prevent this by walling off the space with curtains or placing large plants strategically throughout the home. They dampen sound, and plants also help improve your health by removing contaminants from the air.

5. Aiming for energy-efficiency

Even appliances at home can cause noise. Consider replacing your appliances with more energy-efficient models since these tend to run quieter than their older counterparts. In addition to lessening the noise in your home, upgrading to newer and more energy-efficient appliances can improve your monthly energy bill. Consider replacing your washer, dryer, refrigerator, or dishwasher with an updated model. These updates help the environment while making your home more quiet.

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