When considering a home to purchase, a neighborhood is just as important as the house itself. Homes can be renovated and are under the buyer’s control. However, you have no control over your neighbors. This is why it is so important to consider the location as well as the home.

Try Walking Around The Neighborhood

To determine if a home is ideal for you, walk to your work, your child’s school, or other daily locations. If walking to these locations takes longer than you like, the home might not be a good fit. Also, consider whether the route is uphill and whether there are many cars on the road. Learning what your commute will be like by using websites like Walkscore can help supplement your research. Plus, driving during rush hour can help you understand better what awaits you.

Speak To The Residents

Even a dream house can be spoiled by the presence of bad neighbors, and a non-dream house can become a beloved home through the presence of good neighbors. Don’t be afraid to speak to the neighbors. If they speak negatively about the sellers, you might inherit a war that you don’t want.

Consider The Property’s Future Value

Taking a glance at property values when considering the sale of a house can help in the future when looking to buy another property. This will give an idea of the current state of the neighborhood, as well as how well its neighbors are doing. Look at the homes recently sold on Zillow and your real estate agent can help you figure out the best options. You should also consider property taxes when making a decision.

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